Lost your smartphone? Restore your WhatsApp account instantly!

Lost your smartphone? Restore your WhatsApp account instantly!

Our world revolves around our smartphones. We need instant help, we call our friends and family. We receive a good or bad news, we text nears and dears. But, what if you lose your world? What if you lose your smartphone?

All your information will be lost. All your contacts, images and gaming world will be lost. But, nothing will hurt you more than losing your WhatsApp account. You can get your images, videos and contacts through your google drive. But, in case of WhatsApp, you need to get the account first to get the chat history and all. Once you get the account back, you can then bring back the lost world of your’s. Here is the list of instructions you need to follow to restore your WhatsApp account if you lose your phone:

  1. To ensure a thorough safety of your SIM card, you need to call your service provider first to block your SIM card. No one can authenticate the account when the SIM card is blocked. All the services will be shut and the person in possession of your phone won’t be able to use it for any wrong purpose.


  1. You can activate your WhatsApp account on a different device after blocking your SIM card. You can use a SIM card with the same number to do it instantly. We all know that the WhatsApp can be activated only on a single device and number at a time. So, you need to follow the steps carefully.


  1. You can also email the WhatsApp team, but don’t forget to include the sentence “Lost/stolen: Deactivate my account” in the body of email. You also need to include your number and country code in the email.


One can also operate the Whatsapp through Wifi, without SIM card. So, deactivating your account is important to protect it from misuse. Users have a thirty day window to reactivate this account. The account gets erased after the inactivity of 1 month. All your messages during this period will remain pending, but will be erased after 30 days.

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