Things you should know before buying Xiaomi MI Led smart TV

Things you should know before buying Xiaomi MI Led smart TV

Ever since Xiaomi came to India, what attracted people towards the brand was the MI TV. Interestingly, the company recently obliged the Indian consumer with the MI LED Smart TV 4, priced at Rs39,999.

Well, it is hard to say what we can expect from this TV in India, but it is very clear that buying TV is not similar to buying a smartphone, you can easily replace within months. Therefore, a television purchase is more like a decision of the family rather than an individual’s call. Furthermore, people willing to invest a good amount on TV, expect it to at least function for 5-6 years.

Here is the list of features that you need to know in order to reach at a buying decision:

The remote:

Unlike the remote most of us use these days, Xiaomi offers something very different. Also known as the Apple of China, the MI TV remote looks something that resembles to the Apple TV remote. Xiamoisays that the remote can be used interchangeably across different dish antennas i.e. one remote for TataSky and DishTV.

Is It Smart?

The main element of inspection involves finding out how smart is MI TV. To begin with, one main thing that we all need to know is that it is not an Android-Based TV. It comes with a PatchWall designed user interface,integrated with over 500,000 hours of content from videos-on-demand. Moreover, all the owners are entitled to get a 3-month subscription toSonyLIV and Hungama Play. Additionally, it has 2 USB ports (1 USB 3.0 and 1 USB 2.0) along with 3 HDMI ports.

 Netflix and Amazon Prime Video?

A lot of buyers see Netflix and Amazon Prime Video subscriptions for free, as a real smart deal. However, the MI TV doesn’t offer the following subscriptionsand givesSonyLIV and Hungama Play subscriptions as its replacements. In any case, the big question that remains intact is,can the subscription come in handy to boost the company’s sale?

Furthermore, what can be a little problematic is that a user will have to add an APK of the Netflix and Amazon Prime Video App, and install it on MI TV via USB. Now, that might seem like heck of a task for person who’s buying it for nearly 40,000 bucks.However, you can watch YouTube right off the user interface without being pre-installing any APKs.

Design and sound quality

The 4.9 mm ultra-thin frame is a beautiful window that would make you love the picture-quality.Nonetheless, no one buys a TV just for its picture quality. The sound on offer on the MI TV is also quite ample and crisp.

Overall, The MI TV provides a complete cinematic experience with its 4k HDR quality and if you can survive without Netflix and Amazon subscriptions, it is actually a very good deal.

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