A list of Must-Have Games for android in 2016

A list of Must-Have Games for android in 2016

Any android phone is a sheer waste of money if it doesn’t support any trending game in the world. If a certain version of android supports certain games, it definitely means that its next version would support the same but doesn’t ensure if updated version of that game would be supported or not. One keeps changing as per the other’s evolution but it would not stop you from loving your favorite game.

In this article, we will be talking about some trending games that are people’s favorite since the beginning of this year. These games are not only loved by the people of that country but a huge number of mobile game fans around the globe have developed a sort of liking for the followings, only if they are available over there:

Color Switch: Fortafy Games didn’t exactly know that color switch’s development would catch such a fire among game lovers that people would recommend the same to their friends and even family, personally and publicly on the social media. It keeps the player occupied and focused on the rapidly switching colors. A lot of patience is certainly required for the same.


RummyCircle: RummyCircle started in India and limited for Indians to be played, the card games’ genre was forayed by this version of Online Rummy and Play Games 24X7. If you love the card game sessions with family and friends, especially Indian Rummy, then you should give a try to the 13 cards game and 21 card gameplay, which you will definitely appreciate.


Please, Don’t Touch Anything: and yes, that’s the name of a game, which introduced last year and managed to maintain a huge fan base in a short span of time. Bulky Pix had some high hopes while introducing this puzzle game, which comes at a cost because naughty and nose poking is quite risky and so is this game for the player. Want to know what are we talking about? Go and check it yourself on Google Play store.

dont touch

Now that we have provided you with some awesome games’ information, which are still being liked by so many people that you cannot say no to others if you download one. So go ahead and do the honor.

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