A complete review on Alaska Life Selfie Stick Review

A complete review on Alaska Life Selfie Stick Review

Selfie is among the new trends today, people love to click to photographs and using Selfie Stick for that cause is their best partner. They love to express their feelings through photographs and capture their best times. The market is flooded with Selfie-Sticks, making it hard for people to understand, which is the one they need to pick. Besides, leaving behind all and making its mark are Alaska Life’s GoPro Pole Thrill Pro Selfie Stick.

It is a 3-in-1 feature embedded stick from Alaska Life. With extremely versatile features not only fitting smartphones, like iPhones and android devices, but also theGoPro cameras and regular digital cameras. It can be used with more devices than GoPro 3- Way Mount Selfie Stick.

Furthermore, made out of very durable and lightweight aluminum, it has an easy to use and smooth twist-lock system. However, it does not come with a built in shutter-button so will need to buy a separate Bluetooth shutter-button. It has been reviewed positive on Amazon, by a large number of users.

Other Alaska Life Selfie Stick features include:

 No battery to charge and no syncing required.
 100% Waterproof. No electrical parts or bluetooth.
 No syncing or charging.
 The ThrillPro fits GoProHeros (3 & 4), all iPhone models, most Andoid phones (up to 80mm wide), DSLR cameras, compact digital cameras, video camcorders, or anything with a standard 1/4×20 thread.
 100% Money Back Guarantee from the company.

Did we miss out on any specification or feature, let us know in the comments section.

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