Albert Einstein Robot will Help Your Child with His Homework

Albert Einstein Robot will Help Your Child with His Homework

Artificial intelligence might scare some. Movies like The Terminator and The Matrix propose a dystopian future where mankind is dependent on the benevolence of their machine overlords. The reality, however, differs completely from the reel-life. No such interesting tales have surfaced from the robotics industry since it started experimenting deeply. But there have been reports of creepy robotic imitations that could frighten the living daylight out of you. YouTube has such a video where the intonation of a ‘female’ robot births a really eerie atmosphere. Thankfully, a slightly less creepy and cuter humanoid has been developed by Hanson Robotics, based on the Father of Relativity. Here’s the Albert Einstein robot, it recites facts and predicts the weather among many other things.

This robo-genius was unveiled at the Las Vegas gadget show and it comes with its iconic tongue-sticking-out pose.

Albert Einstein Robot, humanoid robot

With smooth white synthetic hair and a snow brushy moustache, Professor Einstein is the first emotive robot available in the market. It will soon be a household item like those vacuum cleaning robots as it costs roughly $300. This 14-inch marvel has a soft velvety skin that compliments 50 realistic facial expressions. The humanoid robot can move around its eyes and tongue to show joy, sloth, sadness and even disgust. Its hands also work to point out at objects and things to help in communication.

The Albert Einstein robot can only be controlled through an Android or Apple tablet. So if you think your smartphone will do the trick, tough luck! You can teach it science, mathematics, history, and other interesting subjects. It follows your voice and responds accordingly. You can also ask it for meteorological updates. Since it tracks your face, the question arises then, can it be used by NSA to do what Edward Snowden spoke up against? From what the company tells us, Albert only tracks your face and does not take photos.

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1 year 5 days ago

this one is really cute and helpful, can’t resist its features

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1 year 11 days ago

It’s too cute

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