An ideal residential project based on the concept of ‘Smart Living’

An ideal residential project based on the concept of ‘Smart Living’

The concept of ‘Smart Living’ is emerging as the latest trend in the realty and construction industry.  There are several options of smart home products and state-of-the-art technologies that enable you to access your homes from anywhere on the globe. These products let you control your lighting, temperature, or even your crock pot from your Smartphone.There are several smart home products like Amazon Echo, Mr. Coffee Smart Wi-Fi Coffeemaker, Crock-Pot Smart Wi-Fi Slow Cooker and various others.

Amazon echo gadget guru

The Amazon Echo has a far-field voice recognition system which enables it to react to a command from a distance.

mr coffee gadget guru

A fresh hot coffee can be made available at your convenience using Mr. Coffee Smart Wi-Fi Coffeemaker.

crock pot gadget guru

The Crock-Pot Smart Wi-Fi Slow Cooker allows you to adjust cooking times, change temperatures, or shut the device on/off without even being home using the free WeMo mobile app.


Aliens Group, a widely known and trusted name in the real estate sector has installed ‘Home Automation system’ in their projects.  The project Aliens Space Station has fully integrated automation systems for mood lighting, appliance controls (On / off) and E-commerce for in-campus facilities.  The project has remote access to the automation system and the facility to operate any electrical fixtures or security system in the flat from anywhere in the world using the internet shopping.


Aliens developers have ensured reliable security in their projects with video streaming of visitors from main gate; visitor picture or video sent to inbox of resident.  They have the facility of attending the visitors only for the specified profile without disturbing others in the family.  The Advanced automated homes have a number of Cisco interfaces which enable you to drive your system: TV remote, tabletop, wall, and portable touch screens. The authentications for inhabitants & service personnel and the timing of their access are provided through Biometric locking system.  The video surveillance and motion sensor cameras ensure a comprehensive security system. In space station, from the design layout to the interiors, everything is crafted by using advanced and state of the art technology.


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