Android Marshmallow: Awesome Features

Android Marshmallow: Awesome Features

Once a year, Google launches a modified version of its mobile OS, and this year Android Marshmallow presents the biggest enhancement up till now. Together with better features such as Doze and Now on Tap, Android Marshmallow in addition introduces a series of less sensational but vital tweaks that add to the user experience. Listed below are Android Marshmallow features, and know why it’s the biggest version of Android:

  1. Now on Tap

One of the greatest alterations to Android Marshmallow comes as Google Now. In spite of the fact that it may appear to be identical as the previous one, Google Now will be presently pre-baked into each field of the OS, and it’s wittier than ever. Google Now’s currently lays emphasis on ” context”, and that implies the digital assistant will be better at understanding where you are, and what you’ll have to know therefore. Android Marshmallow is considered as one of the best google products.

  1. USB Type-C

USB Type-C is quite fast, can be utilized in any manner – and it will be the most ordinarily utilized connection as a part of the following couple of years. Besides, likewise consider much speedier charging than routine links: it can completely charge a Nexus 6P in approx two hours. As you’d expect, Android Marshmallow is future proofed with in-built USB Type-C bolster, so till the time your cell phone has the connection, Marshmallow can gain benefit of it.

  1. Android Pay

Similar to Apple Pay, Android Pay permits the users to save credit and debit card details on their smartphones, and later, when required, remotely pay for products and services rapidly and safely. To make it more safe and sound, Android Pay utilizes a virtual account number rather than your own, furthermore keeps a definite history of buys made through the application.

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