Experience the real virtual with Google’s ARCore.

Experience the real virtual with Google’s ARCore.

augmented reality appsThe virtual is now becoming the new real. With the launch of Google’s AR Core, we will experience a new wave of augmented reality apps glued to our hands. Alphabet Inc. Google recently unveiled its tool to bring augmented reality apps to our mobile phones using the Android operating system.

Phone base augmented reality apps, in Android phones, will be a breakthrough in which the virtual objects will be overlaid on real world on the screen which was earlier only possible by using specialized equipment. The technology gained popularity from the game “Pokemon Go Game” launched by Apple last year.

Google AR Core will be first available on Samsung Galaxy S8 and its own phone Google Pixel. As per Google’s blog post the company hopes to give access to almost million users but did not give a date for it.

The aim to make it accessible to a large number of users will be a challenge. Though augmented reality is all set to have its big moment but it will be the platforms that will decide its fate. For that augmented reality should be good enough in terms of quality, accepted enough in terms of a new technology and lastly must ensure ease of use and access.

Google AR Core vs Apple AR Kit

Google AR Core stands face to face with Apple AR Kit launch as a next generation iPhone feature. This might seem reactionary to Apple launch but Google has already been working on it for quite some time as “Project Tango”.
Just like AR Kit AR Core is a platform to build augmented reality apps. Google has made a just the preview with full SDK but Apple is set to launch its iOS this September. This might get a setback to Google in terms of reach but it could make up for it easily. As both will be reaching the significant audience by end of the year.

Globally Android has a share of 80 to 90 % in the market this gives a good market to Google’s AR Core. Indeed, it will not be able to run on many android phones but Google will need to come up with compatible devices to widen its market share.

Though initially, Google’s AR Core will be available on Samsung Galaxy S8 and its own phone Google Pixel, the company is trying to tie up with other companies such as LG and Asus to widen its market base.
On the basis of Quality, Google AR is at par with Apple’s AR Kit. And that should not be a surprise as we have already witnessed the power of Tango and AR Core is built on that. However, there are certainly questions on feasibility.

Even if other things are equally perfect it will be difficult to wear the technology on a mobile phone. Holding a mobile phone at a specific angle for prolonged duration will result in fatigue and disruptions on the projection. Apple understands this and is already working on making AR glasses. Though Google glass is already available it didn’t provide the more compelling “mixed” reality that ARCore offers.
We cannot agree more that we are excited to witness the marvelous augmented Reality Apps and hope that in the coming time would also have a concrete solution for AR wear ability.

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