Technology Then and Now

Technology Then and Now

Technology has been making our life easier from past few decades, but have you ever noticed how much it has changed and evolved? Read on to realize how far we have come when it comes to technology:

  • Camcorders got shrunk..for better!

Camcorder Then And Now

The innovation that has been helping us to capture our special moments has come a long way by now. The oversized, hand held video recorder has now been succeeded by compact and high resolution handycam camcorders.

  • Walkman walked away

Walkwan Vs I-Pod

Remember the phase when all music-lovers went crazy after Walkman? This old school device was loved by one and all, but technology replaced them with hi-tech tiny MP3 players and iPods that easily settle in an equally tiny corner of your pocket.

  • When owning a Camera Phone was a luxury

Phones Then And Now

Nokia introduced its first camera phone- 6600 and it became number one thing on several people’s wish list.  Who thought back then that camera phone would soon move even to the masses and not just the classes.You can get the latest phones from Sarf Trading

  • DVD-Players-the extinct species

DVD Player Vs Pen Drive

Yes, you read it right! There are some varieties of gadgets that have long been vanished as new and advanced technologies have been ruling the market as well as the mind of the people. Well..In the age of Pen drives who would want to keep a huge DVD player!

  • Big old Laptops, anyone?


Do you need one of those big Intel laptops? Maybe to keep in your personal museum! Gone are the days when these giant laptops used to be called the mother of all technologies. This mother has now become old and has been replaced by her sleek successors.

Technology crops up with new inventions almost daily, we wonder what we would be discussing, maybe 10 years later! Laptops, that could be converted into flying cars? Maybe.. maybe not.  Keep wondering!

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Pheobe Jones
2 years 22 days ago

With the changing pace of technology, we are provided with amazing gadgets that offer ease and comfort. These gadgets have become part of our daily life and it becomes difficult to be not around them. I can’t leave my home without carrying my mobile phone.

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2 years 3 months ago

Nice facts. Can you suggest me, which one is the better OS windows 10 or mac Yosemite??

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