The new tech gadgets changing the way we makeover our home

The new tech gadgets changing the way we makeover our home

Gadgets have now intermingled in our lives in a way that we have starting to be addicted. With new concepts and innovations appear to be our necessity. Given below is the list of cool gadgets that can make your house look futuristic.

  1. Dimensional wall panels

Dimensional wall panels

People are hardly familiar with 3 dimensional wall panels. It makes your room look nice with interesting shapes and shadows. This breaks the usual monotonous look of the house.

  1. Transparent TV

Transparent TV

Designed by Michael Friebe, this transparent TV amalgamates the features of both LCD and latest TOLED display technology.

  1. RIMA lamp

RIMA lamp

Its mind blowing features allows the person to control the light using four controller rings. It has a processor that controls the heat, intensity, color and angle of the beam.

  1. The Green Smart Glass

The Green Smart Glass

This glass has an interesting concept with a cause. When we pour hot beverages, the green smart glass harnesses the heat from it which could be stored for later usage.

  1. iQ alarm clock

iQ alarm clock

Snooze button is too mainstream now. With this modern alarm clock, you will have to run your brain to snooze it. This alarm clock will display some questions which you need to solve. This way you will surely wake up. You can choose the difficulty level for the questions.

  1. Change It! Wall:

Change It Wall

With its outstanding features, it has now become the center of attraction. Made of turning triangles with various colors on them.

With the above gadgets, you can give your house a makeover that is simply innovative.

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