Samsung Q9F QLED TV review. What’s Hot, What’s Not!

Samsung Q9F QLED TV review. What’s Hot, What’s Not!

The Samsung Q9F QLED TV might appear a typical LCD TV, yet it offers a number of added features, setting new standards in key areas. Besides being uniquely watchable in the living room, it comes with an exquisite industrial design.


We found out a few pros and cons about the Samsung Q9F QLED TV. Let’s go through the pros at first:


  • Unmatched color scheme
  • High brightness
  • Gorgeous industrial design
  • Minimal cabling to screen


  • Viewing angles not much in number
  • HDR color banding
  • Sometimes backlight clouds in
  • Expensive

It is another addition to the vast ocean of AV world with the name of QLED. Samsung hasn’t yet trademarked the QLED name and can be used by any other brand that utilizes Quantum Dot Technology in the screen of LEDs, Samsung encases the TVs in a metal alloy sheath. This provides the advantage for the production of wide color range and enhanced brightness and contrast that have become key picture requirement in the HDR range.

A new screen filtering system claims to accomplish an amazingly great job by seeping in ambient light, and it won’t be an exaggeration if it’s stated that Q9F is a perk to the living room. As far as the pricing is concerned, the 65-inch version costs $5,999 in the US and Rs24, 99,900 in India.

The design looks anonymous to watching 2001: A Space Odyssey on TV. The SAMSUNG QE65Q9FAM is a ringer for the movie’s mysterious black monolith impression as both its sides are completely flat and robust features, which are ultra-robust and polished finishes.

The TV is also amazingly little deeper than what we witness these days as the metallic sides reinforce the monolithic impression. The connection box is even more attractive with glossy black finish. The only con is the lack of headphone port since Samsung’s premium 2016 TVs use only Bluetooth headphones.

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