iPhone Addiction: what is so special in iPhone ?

iPhone Addiction: what is so special in iPhone ?

A lot of people think that the Android systems are extensively customizable, but iPhones are over-priced and not flexible.  The Apple phones are considered difficult to use and limited in portability in many spheres. Well, that’s the little hole in the doughnut. Around the gap is a delicious metaphorical chocolate-filled torus that puts all if its competitors in shame. Here are eight reasons that’ll answer the question: Why is an iPhone special?

why iphone is special

BECAUSE SPEED MATTERS: Android systems might boast benchmarks but real-world use speaks otherwise. There are several videos on YouTube that compares the speed of Qualcomm Snapdragon 835-powered Samsung Galaxy S8 with iPhone 7 Plus. iPhone always wins!

THE PERFORMANCE: The taptic engine of iPhone is superior to that of Android. iPhone 7’s 3D Touch display is quite smart as it senses pressure accurately. You can perform quick operations just from the home screen.

APPLE FIRST: Most apps are released on iOS first before its’ Android counterpart. Many of the new additions to apps are tested and released on iOS first

AGAIN THE SPEED: iPhone updates are really fast, unlike Android updates that take a really long time in optimizing the apps after the update.

EASY SYNCHRONIZATION: Syncing with your other devices is a child’s play, especially when you have the Hand off support. No, this is not a Jaime Lannister joke, with Handoff you can start a task on one of your Apple devices and continue it on another.

NO BLOATWARE: There is no bloatware! Android phones always start off with unnecessary applications that you cannot delete until you jailbreak them. Jailbreak also nullifies the warranty. You decide!

ONE TOUCH: One-touch system of Apple-pay is revolutionary. Just bring your iPhone close to a supported payment terminal and press you finger on the phone’s touch ID sensor.

MAXIMUM PROFIT ON RESELLING: Reselling a 20K android after a year of use? You might be disappointed with only a 40% retrieval of the original price. iPhones on the other hand, can retrieve up to 70% of the original price!

 So now you know why an iPhone is special. Did we miss a point? Let us know!      

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