DJI Mavic, revolutionizing the drone market

DJI Mavic, revolutionizing the drone market

Most drones are bulky, not very environmental friendly and very difficult to carry. What if I tell you, there is a drone that can be folded as a water bottle, yes it’s true.

DJI, a renowned drone manufacturing company famous for its phantom series, have come up with a new drone called the DJI Mavic Pro, foldable drone having new DJI mavic pro specs. This is in response to GoPro Karma, who made mark with its debut effort in the world of drones, launching it at Photokonia (largest trade fair in Europe) in the year 2016.

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What a tough competitor DJI Mavic is already proving to the Karma, with its  feature that allows it to resize as small as water bottle, new controller and camera that supports 4k video, it has taken the drone market by storm.

DJI Mavic offers more compact solutions, similar to phantom 4. The drone has a new flight autonomy system, which includes a combination of software and hardware to tackle obstacles, mapping out 3D environment for self -navigation.

It also has some of the DJI mavic pro specs and features inherited from its older versions, such as live active track, tap fly, and gesture mode. Despite its compact size, the Mavic pro can still fly up to 27 minutes on a single charge, and can fly at whooping speed of 64.8 kmph in sports mode.

DJI monumental efforts have seen a decade of dominance of now, with technology improving with each drone. The Mavic pro features sound endless, the Mavic also includes the company’s smallest three-axis gimbal for stabilized videos, two second long exposure for creative shots and an all new LCD display for reading telemetry data, you can also pair it with DJI Googles, which gives VR styled headset that enables you a real time video feed from drone in 1080 pixels.

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