Draw Easy Circuits with the Revolutionary Conductive Electric Pen!

Draw Easy Circuits with the Revolutionary Conductive Electric Pen!

The power of innovation mankind possess is amazing. From the discovery of fire to cancer-killing nanobots, we have made a tremendous leap in technology, all thanks to the curiosity and innovative ideas. They say necessity is the mother of invention. Who would have thought of a way to ‘draw’ circuits instead of using wires? The latest development in the technological world speaks otherwise. A Japanese tech firm has recently created a pen whose ink can conduct electricity. The conductive electric pen can be easily bought for $41.50 on their website. 

It’s marketed in two variants, the ‘study kit’ (AgIC ink #1000) is apt for educational purposes while the other comes handy for industrial applications (AgIC ink #2000). The former comes with a kit containing 16 components including resistors, LEDs, switches, and capacitors. The diagram board with directions makes it easy for students to understand what goes where. The second variant has more durable and heat-resistant ink. It’s meant for long –term usage. The width of the conductive electric pen can be customized as well as the substrate it’ll be used on.

It’s not the first time that a conductive ink has been devised. Previous iterations have not been successful as much as AgIC’s conductive pen. There is speculation on the social media if it is actually useful. Facebook debates are making the rounds if it’s making a difference in the industry. Some users are raising an alarm over the pen only short-circuiting an electrical arrangement. A ‘conspiracy theory’ is alarming the users of the pen being just a demo of ‘what can be done’. But there are chances that this theory could be true due to the lack of hands-on user reviews.

Latest gadgets like Oculus Rift, SNUI, and Tangible User Interface have proved we’re moving into the future at a faster pace than anticipated. The conductive electric pen has boosted the speed by giving the electronics sector a new useful tool to speed up prototypes. 

Have a look at this video for better understanding  – A pen whose ink can conduct electricity – Conductive Electric Pen

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