Gadgets to rock in year 2016

Gadgets to rock in year 2016

The world’s biggest electronic show, CES (Consumer Electronics Show) will take place on 3-6 January, 2016. On this platform, several big companies from across the globe will announce their newest impending flagship products. However the announced products take quite some time to come in market for public use. Yet, these devices are available on some of the best online shopping sites such as Sarf Trading, before they hit the markets. We present you list of expert reviewed Gadgets to Rock in year 2016:


CES announced the new LG G Flex 2, which resulted in big waves at the show. It was nothing less than a surprise for all, yet, that LG was the only big group that declared its new-fangled flagship Smartphone at the CES 2015. LG used this sequence judiciously to announce that the company’s latest phone was the best Smartphone of CES 2015. This was a powerful marketing trick, and the company has made an excellent move utilizing it.


There were some tablets on last year’s CES too. A new tablet was announced by Lenovo, the company demonstrated the spanking new Yoga Tablet 2 with Anypen.


The clear winners of CES in the year 2015 were the wearables. Both the huge contenders have announced their hottest impending wearable devices, Microsoft came with its Band and Apple displayed its new smartwatch, the Apple Watch. The Apple watch’s price and design together with its spanking new functions bang Microsoft’s fitness tracker.

Virtual Reality

VR has turned out to be the hottest competitor in the consumer electronics market. The very first device was Occulus Rift, which is at present owned by Facebook. After the social network’s title-holder bought the company for 2 billion dollars, they launched the VR headset, which transformed the course of gaming.

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