Google launched Android Pay for Android users

Google launched Android Pay for Android users

With the emergence of online wallet, it has become extremely handy for the users to store and access the crucial information like passwords, credit card details, shipping address etc. in a secure manner. Apart from this it endows the users with convenient and technologically speedy process to pay for products from across the globe. It is good news for all the android users; they have now access to a new mobile payment solution, launched by Google. It is named as Android Pay, unveiled by Google last May. And since its declaration, the Android users are eagerly waiting for this app to launch just like Google’s new laptop-cum-tablet and gratefully the wait ends now.

What is Android Pay?

Android Pay is a mobile wallet that is designed to store the user’s details related to loyalty cards, credit cards, debit cards, etc. It is somewhat like Google Wallet, and why not, it is a new Google Wallet with better user experience and convenience. Despite of the various Android Myths, Google entrusted it with its latest mobile wallet.

How does Android Pay work?

Initially when Google announced the launch of Android Pay, it claimed that the user would be able to pay for the purchases just by unlocking their Android devices normally; which will facilitate Android Pay to authenticate their transaction, then putting it next to merchant’s contactless terminal. The users need not open the must have Android apps for completing the transaction. The user has to only tap and go, and they will get the confirmation/transaction details on their phone. In addition, when the user will pay at select retailers, their loyalty points and other exciting offers will be auto-applied at the time of checkout.

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I am an Android user and It great to know from gadgetgurublog that now we have Android pay for mobile shopping.

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