Best Products of Google: Reviews

Best Products of Google: Reviews

Google is one of the greatest organizations on the planet, wide-reaching to billions of web users through its products on a daily basis. In its current profit call, CEO Sundar Pichai reported that Play Store has turned into the 6th Google item to be utilized by more than a billion individuals. We have a look at quick rundown of the Google products with user base of around 1 billion:


Google’s mobile operating system Android has a client base of 1.4 billion and overwhelms the smart phone OS market. It has more than 1.6 million applications furthermore and has other matters, for example, films, books, games and so forth. Google offers its own Android smart phones and tablets under the brand name of Nexus. Google Android is one of the best google products. Online gadget stores like Sarf Trading offer latest Android smart phones at competitive market prices.

Google Maps

It the default internet mapping solution for some, likewise has more than 1 billion clients, along these lines making it among the widely utilized online items internationally. It is accessible as a site and also a devoted application on multiple stages for different gadgets; it was positioned the world’s most famous application in 2013 and keeps on staying a standout amongst the most-used applications.

Google Search

Google is identical with internet search and is the most commonly utilized site in the entire world. It handles more than 3 billion pursuit inquiries for each day and is accessible as a site and as an application on different mobile platforms.

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