5 Hacks How To Replace Your Lost SIM Tray Ejector

5 Hacks How To Replace Your Lost SIM Tray Ejector

With the improvement in technology, everything little thing is coming under its influence. Beginning with phones that saw a major transformation from simple to smart, and the recently introduced SIM trays, which are a compact way to place SIM cards inside your phone, we are witnessing an era of change.

You must have noticed that SIM tray has an ejector that is pressed against the hole, as it ejects out with force. Besides, what if you lose your ejector? Will you be able to open it again?

Well, don’t worry, we have list of hacks to deal with your problem and all these things are easily available at your place:



This is one of the easiest alternative available to eject your SIM tray. All you need to is simply remove the staple from any paper corner and bend one end open. Use the other curled end to push inside, and open your SIM tray. Staple is thinnest element, and has the best chance to provide you the solution.




A tool we so often use to pluck edibles from our mouth. This can come to your rescue, with its pointed nib and pluck your way out of trouble. All you have to do is insert tip inside the hole, apply a little pressure, and see your tray open.


Push pin:


A pin we so often use to understand the concepts of thrust and pressure. The same applies to your SIM tray when your try and find a substitute for your ejector. You need to repeat the same process.Just make sure that you do not exert more pressure than required, as it may break your tray.


Safety Pin: 


This sharp pointed pin is also a good option. It is strong, study and safe to carry with you, as a substitute for ejector. Besides, safety pin won’t poke you inside your pocket, while the other solutions thus far might do so.


Finger nail:


Why bother carrying anything, when your fingernail can help you anywhere on the go. To make this trick work, you need to make your nail thinner and adjust according to the aperture of your SIM tray. Besides, it might sound as a difficult task, but anything that saves your phone must make you happy.

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