IS Mac Book better than Windows Laptops

IS Mac Book better than Windows Laptops

One of Apple’s greatest inventions, MacBook Air is a handy creation that doesn’t find the middle ground when it comes to performance, build or user experience. Steve Jobs launched the first MacBook Air in 2008. A 13in, lean-and-light aluminum laptop with custom-made graphics and processor from Intel, MacBook Air set a new-fangled standard in portable PCs. Only now are Windows laptops catching up the competition. You can read here for features of Lenovo’s newest series of laptops In the battle of MacBook Air vs Windows Laptops; let’s have a look at few factors that will decide which one is better.

Keyboards and track pads

The Macbook Air comes with a chiclet backlit keyboard with square, black keys, rubbery, (they form a good contrast with the silver body). They extend quite good feedback for this class of PCs (thin and light). Take into account that the layout is totally different than what you’re receiving on Windows laptops, as Macs use a special set of functional keys.

The majority of ultrabooks feature chiclet keyboards also, but with a massive amount of layouts, colors and implementations. The typing experience has turned better on the current launches. And a few, especially the business ultrabooks, may perhaps be advanced, having taller keys plus longer strokes.

Design and build quality

The Macbook Air is a clamshell PC, or in other words a stylishly designed laptop with two connected parts: one that consists of the keyboard, hardware, battery, ports underneath, and another one with the display on top. Juxtaposing with Macbook, the Ultrabooks are accessible in a much extensive assortment of form-factors, both clamshells and all types of 2-in-1s. In reality, progressively 2-in-1s are being introduced each year, as Intel and the OEMs are pushing it sturdily.

Hardware, software and performances

The latest gadgets like Macbook Air and ultrabook generations are power-driven by somewhat parallel Intel Broadwell hardware platforms, with selections for Intel Core i5 and i7 processors for the MBA, and also some initial-level Core i3s on ultrabooks. The platforms can bear up to 8-12 GB of RAM and diverse forms of storage space, but SSDs are a given on both the Air and the first-class ultrabooks.

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