New Smartphones on the Block: Samsung Galaxy 8 and Samsung Galaxy 8+

New Smartphones on the Block: Samsung Galaxy 8 and Samsung Galaxy 8+

It’s April and nouveau electronic goodies are flooding the market. Students and young professionals have their eye out for smartphones particularly. Saving for Samsung Galaxy 8 and Samsung Galaxy 8+ is a great idea if you’re looking to replace your phone. There are a number of Samsung Galaxy S8 features that makes it the next big thing in the mobile market. The Samsung Galaxy S8+ packs a heavier punch when it comes to size. However, the basic hardware, OS, and firmware are identical.    

Samsung Galaxy S8 has bigger dimensions than its predecessor, Samsung Galaxy S7. Samsung Galaxy S8 has 83.7% display-to-body ratio, making it better than Samsung Galaxy S7. S8’s dimensions are- 148.9 x 68.09 x 8 mm. Galaxy S8+, on the other hand, is slightly bigger with the dimensions- 159.5 x 73.4 x 8.1 m. The larger size of Samsung Galaxy S8+ allows it to squeeze in more battery backup. But a trade off of the battery power is S8+’s weight. Another feature to note about Galaxy S8 is that it has sharper video display than Galaxy S8+ with 568 PPI.     

The preorders of Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ have started from March 30. You’ll find them available in the Indian market by mid-April. Prices of both these iterations are reportedly closer to Samsung Galaxy S7 and Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge at Rs 48,990 and Rs 54,990. Some online reviewers believe you can get an unlocked version of the phones by May. In unlocked phones, a user can get rid of unnecessary applications that come from the factory (referred to as ‘Bloatware’). Samsung Galaxy 8 and Samsung Galaxy 8+ lack the staggering difference that most of the smartphone experts predicted. It seems the choice falls down to the size of your hands. If your hands are big, go for Samsung Galaxy S8+.  

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