Will Palm Scanner technology take security to level next?

Will Palm Scanner technology take security to level next?

Authentication of smart phones is one of the major features. Biometric features such as facial recognition found on Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and fingerprint sensor found on mostly all smartphones, incline to promote authenticity. Recently, Samsung has filed in a 42 page patent to take its security to next level. They are coming up with the concept of palm scanner.

This palm scanner technology works by taking a picture of user’s palm, with an option of using the front or the rear camera. The phone will further analyze each and every line of palm, and would ask for the clues about forgotten password, much like Windows.

After scanning the palm, the technology would display various letters from the previously used password to provide assistance to the user. This palm reading method will serve as an additional layer against providing security. As per Samsung’s patent though it won’t be used to authenticate payments on Samsung Pay but would still promote authenticity.

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What lies in the future, only time will tell? But, as of now we only know what has been quoted by the company. Samsung has faced the consequences earlier with its iris scanning and facial recognition getting failed in the past, due to their technological blunders. Also, it is know from past experiences that a lot of tech companies file in the patent, which promises to come up with something new and innovative. Yet, it never sees the light of the day.

Surely, we will have to wait until January to unveil if the South Korean tech giant delivers what they have promised, or the palm scanner technology is just another far- fetched dream that will never seelight of the dawn.

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